Die Zürcher Poetikvorlesungen as book bei Matthes & Seitz Berlin

Der Welt- & Zeitumfassender ein-Satz

At the End of the year, Madame Nielsen’s Zürcher Poetikvorlesungen 2020 – originally handwritten in German and later performed live over three nights in Literaturhaus Zürich – will be published by the wonderful Berliner publishing house Matthes & Seitz as part of their series “Fröhliche Wissenschaft”.

Der Welt- & Zeitumfassender ein-Satz will be Madame’s book debut as a German-writing author.

Read the review in FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) by German Author Simon Strauss of the first performed lecture in Zürich


Lamento out in Germany & Norway

In February 2020, Madame’s acclaimed novel LAMENTO will come out in German at Kiepenheuer & Witsch

Lamento is already out in NORWAY on Karl Ove Knausgård’s small excellent publishing house Pelikanen Forlag

Review in NRK

Review in Aftenposten





In Spielzeit/theatrical season 2023/24 THE SCANDALOUS COUPLE CHRISTIAN LOLLIKE & MADAME NIELSEN will take over Münchener Kammerspiele and in collaboration with actors, dancers and musicians, light and  stage wizards produce their THIRD SCANDALOUS MASTERPIECE following White Nigger/Black Madonna (2018) and Verdensfrelserinden (2021)


Madame Nielsen & Halvcirkel at Frederiksberg Festspil 15-19 September

15 to 19 September Madame Nielsen & Halvcirkel will perform several times, together and each in other constellations, at Frederiksberg Festspil:

Wednesday 15 September 19:30: at the Opening concert Madame & her string quartet will perform a couple of songs

Thursday 16 September 19:30: A Madame Nielsen talk hosted by Torben Sangild

Friday 17 September 19:30 at Nestor Logen: VERDENSFRELSERINDEN: Madame & Halvcirkel performs a concert version of their performance The World-saviouresse

Sunday 19 September 17 hrs in Brøndsalen: The Grand Finale starring all of the festival artists



The World Savioresse – the new show by Lollike, Madame Nielsen & Halvcirkel String Quartett

Lollike & Madame set fire in the Scandivian cultural public space with BLACK MADONNA –

Now they return with a new show in collaboration with the amazone string quartet HALVCIRKEL


20.-22. May 2021: Aarhus Teater, AARHUS

15. – 19. Juni 2021: Teater Sort/Hvid Den Brune Kødby, COPENHAGEN

7.-9. September 2021: Teater Momentum, ODENSE


28-29 January 2022: Thalia Theater, HAMBURG, Germany

? (dates not yet known): Münchener Kammerspiele, MÜNCHEN, Germany

? (dates not yet known): Schauspiel Köln, KÖLN, Germany





In September the ALBUM “VERDENSFRELSERINDERNE” (“The World Saviouresses”) will be out WORLDWIDE on CD,

recorded at the old studio at the former House of The Danish National Broadcasting Corporation in Copenhagen – engineered by Pape Arce – produced and mixed by Mads Emil Nielsen & starring Madame Nielsen and the string quartet Halvcirkel.



Walking Landscapes – What is a landscape?

Thursday 1 July Madame Nielsen walked into and through the landscapes in and around Aalborg; from 5:30 a:m until 10 p:m she walked along. And once every hour she knocked the door at someone living by the way and asked them if they would let her cast a glance out of the window in their home providing “the best view of “the landscape””.

Once every hour she posted a video-Stilleben of the supposed landscape seen from a window by the way & meanwhile she read from her on-going essay on the landscape, asking: What is a landscape? What is not a landscape? Is the landscape “natural” or at all a part of nature? Or does the landscape belong to the culture, yes, is the landscape human-made? Etc. and on and on it goes.

So walk along with her and be enlightened!


The Endless Summer (Der endlose Sommer) staged at Schauspiel Köln, May 2021

15. May 2021, The world-enchanting best selling love novel DER ENDLOSE SOMMER finally had it’s world-premiere as THEATRICAL MOVIE at SCHAUSPIEL KÖLN staged by the young German director starlette LUCIA BIHLER 


LAMENTO – a novel of tragedy love – out on Nine Eleven

Lamento the new novel by Madame Nielsen hit the towering world on Friday September 11 engineered by Forlaget Grif

Lamento – en kærlighedsroman is, yes, a lamentation on love in the parts, from the first FIRE of falling over the attempt to live and to the death by and of love. Lamento is the third and last part in the love trilogy, which began in 2014 with The Endless Summer, went through The Supreme Being (Det Højeste Væsen), 2017 and ends now in 2020 in the grande finale of Lamento. Lamento is the first novel published in Denmark by Madame Nielsens new publisher Forlaget Grif

 Lamento was received by a rain of stars & hearts and praise by the media:


POLITIKEN – 5 hearts

FINE SPIND – 5 stars

ATLAS MAGASIN – “no one writes as painful and beautiful as Madame Nielsen”




Die Zürcher Poetikdozentur 2020: Madame Nielsen

Following great authors such as W.G. Sebald, Durs Grünbein, Hertha Müller & Marcel Beyer came Madame Nielsen in the year of 2020 to Zürich to take over the ZÜRCHER POETIKDOZENTUR  and following the old tradition she on 3 three evenings in November & Dezember showed up in Literaturhaus Zürich and performed her 3 Zürich Lectures on poetics.

The program is:

Dienstag 17. November 20 Uhr: Literaturhaus Zürich:  Zürcher Poetikvorlesungen I: Madame Nielsen: Das Leben als Schrift und die Schrift als Lebensform. WATCH THE LIVESTREAM HERE

Mittwoch 18. November 10:15: Universität Zürich: Werkstattsgespräch I

Donnerstag 26. November 20 Uhr: Literaturhaus Zürich:  Zürcher Poetikvorlesungen II: Madame Nielsen: Die Romanschrift – der Satz als utopischer allesumgreifender Allerweltinnenraum, als körperliche Bewegung und Atemzug, als Zeitdelta und Stimmentanz, also: Musik.

Freitag 27. November 10:15 Uhr: Universität Zürich: Werkstattsgespräch II

Montag 30. November 20 Uhr: Literaturhaus Zürich:  Zürcher Poetikvorlesungen III:Madame Nielsen: Die Fremdsprache als Heimkehr und Ur-Sprung.

Dienstag 1. Dezember 10:15 Uhr: : Universität Zürich: Werkstattsgespräch III




Tour de Österreich, Schweiz & Deutschland, Nov-Dez 2020

12.-14. November 2020BUCH WIEN – CORONA-POSTPONED:

Donnerstag 12. November 19 Uhr: Alte Schmiede, Wien: Das Monster & Gespräch CORONA-POSTPONED

Samstag 14: November: Wien: Lesung Das Monster CORONA-POSTPONED

Donnerstag 19. November:Literaturhaus Freiburg: Das Monster & La Madame

Freitag 20. November: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität:Madame Nielsen, Professors, Students

Dienstag 17. November 20 Uhr: Literaturhaus Zürich:  Zürcher Poetikvorlesungen I: Madame Nielsen: Das Leben als Schrift und die Schrift als Lebensform. WATCH THE LIVESTREAM HERE

Mittwoch 18. November 10:15: Universität Zürich: Werkstattsgespräch I

Donnerstag 26. November 20 Uhr: Literaturhaus Zürich:  Zürcher Poetikvorlesungen II: Madame Nielsen: Die Romanschrift – der Satz als utopischer allesumgreifender Allerweltinnenraum, als körperliche Bewegung und Atemzug, als Zeitdelta und Stimmentanz, also: Musik.

Freitag 27. November 10:15 Uhr: Universität Zürich: Werkstattsgespräch II

Montag 30. November 20 Uhr: Literaturhaus Zürich:  Zürcher Poetikvorlesungen III:Madame Nielsen: Die Fremdsprache als Heimkehr und Ur-Sprung.

Dienstag 1. Dezember 10:15 Uhr: : Universität Zürich: Werkstattsgespräch III

Donnerstag 3. Dezember: Literarisches Zentrum Göttingen: Das Monster, Madame Nielsen & Ijoma Mangold (Die Zeit)

Deutsche Monster-reviews:

RBB Radioeins “Favorit Buch”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung FAS


SRF – SCHWEIZ – Literatur im Gespräch – Sieglinde Geisel,



Ich bin für immer eine Berlinerin!

A year of German Acts

Throughout 1 year Madame Nielsen moved and ate and slept and breathed and wrote and spoke and played and sang and performed in the German landscape and language:

Act 1: Über meine Biografie – Text, Geistesblüten Magazin, September 2019

Act 2: Tiefe Mathematik – Essay, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Oktober 2019

Act 3: Salon Madame Nielsen – bei Brendel & Burkhardt, Kolonnenstrasse, Berlin, 15. November 2019

Act 4: Monster-Lesung – DAAD Hafenlesung im Nachtasyl, Thalia Theater, Hamburg, 26. Nov. 2019, 20 Uhr

Act 5: Nach dem Mensch – Essay, Frankfurter Allgemeine Quarterly nr. 4, November/December 2019

Act 6: Writers’ Thursday – Reading, Restaurant Borchardt, Berlin, 5. December 2019, 20:30 Uhr

Act 7: A Madame Nielsen EveningReading, Dialogue, Concert (11. Dec. 19:30 Uhr) & Exhibition (11.-14. Dec.), Kampnagel Hamburg, 2019

Act 8: Das Handke-Urteil – Essay in Der Freitag, 13.Dezember 2019

Act 9: Das Monster – Der neue Roman! – Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 16. Januar 2020

Act 10: Literaturhaus Köln, Der erste Abend mit Monster, Donnerstag 16. Januar

Act 11: Madame live in WDR Fernsehen “Kölner Treff” bei Bettina Böttinger, Freitag 17. Januar 2020

Act 12: Das Monster, Geistesblüten Buchhandlung Berlin mit Sabin Tabrea, 21. Jan. 2020 19 Uhr

Act 13:Das Monster im Mousonturm FRANKFURT , 22. Januar

Act 14: Mittwoch 19. Februar 19:30 Uhr: Madame, Monster & Übersetzer Langendörfer im Akazienbuchhandlung in Schöneberg

Act 15: Madame Nielsen in der Volksbühne Berlin – ein Triptychon, Abend 1 – Das Beckwerk- Staged Lecture: Mittwoch 4 März 2020

Act 16: Literaturhaus Berlin – Madame liest Hölderlin: Hyperion, mit Grünbein, Bossong u.a., Freitag 20. März 2020 – Corona-online-Reading

Act 17: Das Monster mit Madame und Bettina Böttinger im Literaturhaus Bonn, Mittwoch 25. März 2020 – Corona-postponed

Act 18: Das Monster im Literarisches Zentrum Göttingen, Freitag 27. März 2020 – Corona-postponed: 3. Dezember 2020

Act 19:Der Endlose Sommer als Theater! Regi: Lucia Bihler, Schauspiel Köln PREMIERE Samstag 28. März 2020 – Corona-postponed to the Fall 2020

Act 20: Madame Nielsen in der Volksbühne Berlin – ein Triptychon, Abend 2 – Black Madonna-Konzert mit Mads Emil Nielsen: Dienstag 7. April 2020 – Corona-postponed

Act 21: Literaturladen Wist, Potsdam – Madame-Monster-Lesung, Montag 27. April 2020 – Corona-postponed

Act 22: Das Monster im Literaturhaus Freiburg, Donnerstag 19. November 2020 

Act 23: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Freitag 20. November 2020 

Act 24: Literaturhaus Zürich, Das Monster, Lesung & Gespräch, Dienstag 19. Mai 2020 – Corona-postponed

Act 25: Solothurner Literaturtage, Solothurn in der Schweiz 22.-24. Mai 2020 Corona-online-performances & readings

Act 26: 3 day-performance in the DAAD-Galerie in Oranienstrasse 161, Kreuzberg: A tribute to Inger Christensen – Dienstag, Mittwoch & Donnerstag 26.-28. Mai 17-21 hrs each day – WATCH IT HERE!

Act 27: Madame Nielsen in der Volksbühne Berlin – ein Triptychon, Abend 3 – Roman-Lesung & Konzert mit Sailor Toldam: Freitag 12. Juni 2020 – Corona-postponed


DAS MONSTER in Germany, Schweiz & Austria

Montag 16. Januar 2020 erschien DAS MONSTER in Deutschland, Österreich & der Schweiz bei Kiepenheuer & Witsch


Eine Monster-Reise durch Deutschland, Schweiz & Österreich

Day 1:Donnerstag 16. Januar: Literaturhaus KÖLN

Day 2, Freitag 17. Januar: Madame live in WDR Fernsehen “Kölner Treff” bei Bettina Böttinger

Day 3: Dienstag 21. Jan. 2019 19 Uhr: Geistesblüten Buchhandlung BERLIN mit Sabin Tabrea

Day 4: Mittwoch 22. Januar: Mousonturm FRANKFURT

Day 5: Mittwoch 19. Februar 19:30 Uhr: Madame, Monster & Übersetzer Langendörfer im Akazienbuchhandlung in Schöneberg

Day 6: Das Monster mit Madame und Bettina Böttinger im Literaturhaus Bonn, Mittwoch 25. März 2020 – Corona-postponed

Day 7:Das Monster im Literarisches Zentrum Göttingen, Freitag 27. März 2020 – Corona-postponed to 3. Dezember

Day 8: Das Monster im Literaturhaus Freiburg, Donnerstag 19. November 2020 

Day 9: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Freitag 20. November 2020

Day 10:Literaturhaus Zürich, Das Monster, Lesung & Gespräch, Dienstag 19. Mai 2020 – Corona-postponed

Day 11+: 22.-24. Mai: Solothurner Literaturtage, Solothurn in der Schweiz – Corona-online-performances & readings

Day 12+: 12.-14. November 2020 BUCH WIEN


Black Madonna – The Album

The Black Madonna is out on VINYL

Buy it live & at Teater Sort/Hvid, Den Brune Kødby, Copenhagen

Watch & listen the video-single Black Moon Rising HERE


Black Madonna – was back on Teater Sort/Hvid & Aarhus

The race-erasing show by Madame Nielsen & Christian Lollike stirred the Danish public into a foaming race-race. The show transgressed the stage borders and fourth and fifth walls out into the public space and the social networks. It includes Sister Nielsen’s own black songs, viral music videos and much more. Until the 12th performance the show was named and publicited as White Nigger / Black Madonna but then – of reasonable reasons – reduced to its initial title.

Black Madonna is part 1 of a beyond-the-races triptycon, which also includes:

PART 2: “Who, what, why is she” + “2 x Black Messiah” – a photo exhibition by Mdm Nielsen, Lollike and Sofie Amalie Klougart


12-15 October 2019Teater S/H in Copenhagen.

22-26 October 2019: Aarhus Teater


white nigger


Madame Nielsen in Argentina

17-29 September, Madame Nielsen showed up at the FILBA literature festival in Buenos Aires with her novels & 1 solo concert at Café Tito Livio


Madame Nielsen at Berlin international literature festival

Saturday 14 September Madame Nielsen was in COLLEGIUM HUNGARIUCUM at Berlin International Literature Festival with her novels Der Endlose Sommer & The Monster


Suzanne Brøgger & Madame Nielsen’s DKaying Jazz Quartet

Suzanne Brøgger & Madame Nielsen’s DKaying Jazz Quartet goes live

The two grand Ladies of Danish Literature, Suzanne Brøgger & Madame Nielsen have formed a DKaying Jazz Quartet.

The two Ladies are accompanied by Simon Sailor Toldam on piano & Nils Bosse Davidsen on bass and cello

The opening of a never ending world tour took place in July 2019 at  Sorø Kunstmuseum, Krogerup Højskole &Tranquebar Boghandel in Copenhagen


Madame Nielsen in der Schweiz

In the Summer of 2019 LEUKERBAD: Madame Nielsen for the first time in her life showet up in Switzerland and she did it with Der Endlose Sommer and in the mountains (there you feel free!) in LEUKERBAD at Literaturfestival Leukerbad  & in ERNEN at the festival Queerlesen with Bettina Böttinger


Madame Nielsen at Poetry on The Road in Bremen, Germany

24-26 May, Madame Nielsen took Bremen at Poetry on The Road


Alverdensvandringerne – to write the world wandering

In March, the young publishers at Herman & Frudit will publish Madame Nielsens Alverdensvandringerne:

Since 2013, Madame Nielsen has been writing the world on the roads: criss-crossing Europe, popping up in Ethiopia, traversing Mexico City, Saint Petersburg & The Pentland Hills, singing the world into language, and every step and every new turn, city, landscape has changed her voice and she made it all appear anew.

Alverdensvandringerne live in concert: Turning the words into music in an text+sound-impro-dialogue with electronical wizzard Mads Emil Nielsen and local stars

24. April 19:30 hrs. at Cafe Hack, Aarhus Teater: Madame Nielsen & Mads Emil Nielsen & guitarist Gorm Askjær

25. april 19.30 hrs at Litteraturhuset Nybrogade 28, København: Madame Nielsen & Mads Emil Nielsen & guitarist Joel Gjærsbøl

Forudbestil bogen/pre-order HERE!


The Rest is Silence / Resten er tavshed

The new book by Madame Nielsen & Mikkel Bolt published by Antipyrine

I årene 2005-2007 førte Mikkel Bolt og den navnløse repræsentant for Das Beckwerk en række samtaler om kunsten, livet og revolutionen. Resultatet blev bogen I sammenbruddets tjeneste, der udkom i efteråret 2008. I samtalerne diskuterede Bolt og den navnløse repræsentant ikke blot forholdet mellem kunst og revolution i dag, de forudså også finanskrisen og det accelerede politiske kaos, vi har levet i siden. Sammenbrud over hele linjen.

Ti år efter var bogen og dens temaer aktuelle som aldrig før. Derfor besluttede Mikkel Bolt og den forhenværende navn- løse, nu såkaldte Madame Nielsen at mødes igen og fortsætte samtalen for at afgøre fremtiden for revolutionen og livet hinsides kunsten på Planeten Jorden.

Det blev til i alt to samtaler, som denne gang foregik foran et publikum på teatret Sort/Hvid i København og under ledelse af Christian Lollike. Samtalerne med deres plan for en erobring af undtagelsestilstanden foreligger nu på skrift under overskriften:


THE MONSTER – a New York thriller

Madame Nielsens horrifying new novel THE MONSTER is now paralyzing the world

The Monster is a New York horror novel, a vision of the impending.

READ THE 5-6 starred REVIEWS:



THE MONSTER is published worldwide by:

Norway: Pelikanen: March 2018

Germany: Kiepenheuer & Witsch: January 2020

Spain: Editorial Minuscula: Winter 2019

France: Notabilia, NOIRS sur BLANC: Spring 2020




The Nielsen Sisters live at Litteraturhuset on Vandkunsten

In December, The Nielsen Sisters were live in concert at Litteraturhuset on Vandkunsten, Copenhagen


Gesamtwerk-show in Berlin

16 – 30 November, Literaturhaus Berlin is devoting the entire building in Fasanenstrasse to a Madame Nielsen Werkschau.

The work and search beyond identities from 2001 and onwards is shown in objects, videos, pictures and texts.

The opening night took place as A Madame Nielsen Evening

The German filmstar Sabin Tambrea read the German translations of 3 Madame Nielsen novels, and Julia Encke, editor at Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung moderated the discussion.

The Nielsen Sisters as trio – Sister Nielsen, Sister Anja Lahrmann & Sailor Simon Toldam – made the midnight hour be forever.


With Jakob Augstein in Köln

Monday 26 November at Schauspiel Köln, Madame Nielsen met on stage with Jakob Augstein, chief editor and son af the legendary founder and editor of Der Spiegel Rudolf Augstein and also of the grand old author Martin Walser. The dialogue will be broadcasted on WDR 3 and published in the weekly newspaper Freitag.


Madame in Austria

22-25 November, Madame Nielsen took part in Europäische Literaturtage in Krems & Spitz an der Donau in Austria


Alex Ahrendtsens Danmarksscene (The Vision of the Danish Peoples Party)

As part of the multi-national performance on nationalisms and national emotions Topographies of Paradise, Madame Nielsen in collaboration with Alex Ahrendtsen – Cultural Spokesperson for the Danish Peoples Party – has developed and staged Mr. Ahrendtsen’s personal vision of The Danish Scene.

Ellen Jelinek, Karin Bang Heinemeier och Sigurd Holmen le Dous i Topographies of Paradise på Dramatens scen Målarsalen under Bergmanfestivalen 2018

Friday 12 October at Skuespilhuset, The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, this outstanding national vison was shown 4! times. Starring: Karin Heinemeier, Sigurd Holmen Le Dous (& Madame Nielsen her very self)


The Invasion in Transit – novel as exhibition & performance

13. September – 10 February 2019 Madame Nielsen is part of the TRANSIT exhibition at museum KØS in Køge.

The bildungs-roman Invasionen (The Invasion) has turned into a three-dimensional space. And the Mexico City-walk is on show as a video-satellite in the museum café.

In early October, Madame Nielsen will complete her European Walk Over 7 Borders from 2015 with a 2-days walk fra Køge along the E-line to Copenhagen Central Station.


Topographies of Paradise – soon on tour!

Madame Nielsen’s major project on European national(istic) visions culminated 25 August at The Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern during the Bergman Festival in Stockholm. In collaboration with 10 actors from 5 big European theatre houses associated in the pan-European stage arts organisation Mitos21 Madame Nielsen mapped and performed the multitude of nationalisms and separatisms, which are currently blooming all over the old continent.

During the coming season, the performance will – we hope – go on a small tour d’Europe to Belgrade, Copenhagen & Barcelona. Watch out for dates!

Ellen Jelinek, Karin Bang Heinemeier och Sigurd Holmen le Dous i Topographies of Paradise på Dramatens scen Målarsalen under Bergmanfestivalen 2018

Topographies of Paradise på Dramatens scen Målarsalen under Bergmanfestivalen 2018

Julia Truyol, Clàudia Benito i Topographies of Paradice på Dramatens scen Målarsalen under Bergmanfestivalen 2018

Topographies of Paradies på Dramatens scen Målarsalen under Bergmanfestivalen 2018

The mission includes the following theaters:

National Theatre in Belgrade, Serbia

Teatre Lliure in Barcelona, Spain

Akademie für Darstellende Kunst in Ludwigsburg, Germany

Dramaten – Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern in Stockholm, Sweden

The Royal Danish Theater in Copenhagen, Denmark

THE WORLD PREMIERE took place at the Bergman Festival at Dramaten, Stockholm, Sweden 25 August 2018



Madame Nielsen in Germany

8 March – on International Women’s Day – Der Endlose Sommer appeared in the German bookstores
published by Kiepenheuer & Witsch (zum sofort kaufen: hier!)
Read the wonderful portrait by the leading German literature critic Ijoma Mangold in DIE ZEIT
Soon after Madame departed on the first part of
Die Endlose Buchtour
17. März 19:30 Uhr Köln, Festival LitCologne

Madame Nielsen in The U.S.

3-16 March, Madame Nielsen will be book-touring that U.S. with her novel The Endless Summer

published 13 February by Open Letter Books

Her she goes: The first dates and cities:

5 March : Portland at Powell’s Bookstore

6 March : Seattle at Elliot Bay

8 March : San Francisco at Green Apple Bookstore – interviewed by Scott Esposito

11 March : Houston, Texas, at Brazos Bookstore 

13 March : Rochester, Minnesota, at Spirit Room, University of Rochester

15 March: New York City at Scandinavia House







Thursday 22. February the new and long-awaited album from


hit the world, the wide, the web and the real record shops

& it sounds like sex and sorrow and die till you dance in your ears and hearts:

MUM AND DAD The Nielsen Sisters

SISTER NIELSEN: vocals & guitars / SISTER ANJA: vocals / SIMON SAILOR TOLDAM: keyboards, bass, organ, electronics & clarinet /

Jakob Høyer: organ, keyboards, groove box & reverse guitar / Niels Bosse Davidsen: double-bass & cello / Oliver Hoiness: guitar / Anders Banke: clarinet / Henriette Groth: viola & clarinet / Mads Emil Nielsen: moog, electronics & cosmic noise

Recorded live in Koncertkirken/Blågårds Church, Copenhagen / Engineered & produced by Jakob Høyer / Mixed by Mads Emil Nielsen & Jakob Høyer







22 February 20 hrs: Svendborg Giant Steps Festival  – REVIEW

7 April (Saturday) 21 hrs: Teater Sort/Hvid, Copenhagen – THE RELEASE CONCERT


Madame Nielsen & Mikkel Bolt – 10 years later


MADAME NIELSEN møder MIKKEL BOLT & CHRISTIAN LOLLIKE 10 år efter sammenbruddets!

I anledning af 10-året for bestselleren ”I sammenbruddets tjeneste” mødtes Madame Nielsen og Mikkel Bolt i december på Teater Sort/Hvid for i samtale med teaterdirektør Christian Lollike at diskutere fremtiden for revolutionen. Mere end 100 verdensborgere var op og sad med ører på stilke og fulgte den nådesløse dyst. Men netop da det afgørende svar skulle formuleres, måtte samtalen afbrydes og scenen ryddes.
I mere end en måned holdt verden vejret, før denne kunstens og intelligensens Bermuda-trekant i igen mødtes den sidste aften i januar for at give publikum de svar, vi ikke længere kan leve uden:
Hvad gør vi med det igangværende sammenbrud? Hvordan håndterer vi alle de sammenvævede kriser, økonomiens, den biosfæriske nedsmeltning, den såkaldte ‘flygtningekrise’, de politiske institutioners kollaps, den totalitære stramning og kunstens neoliberalisering? Hvilken strategi skal vi vælge: tilbagetrækning, konspiration, forræderi eller “den lange march gennem institutionerne”? Står vi stadig i sammenbruddets tjeneste, eller er det snarere Undtagelsestilstanden, vi vil erobre. Og hvem fanden er ”vi”? Og ikke mindst: Skal Bolt virkelig give sine døtre til revolutionen?
Var du der ikke? Så kan du få svaret senere på året, når tidsskriftet Vagant i et særnummer publicerer hele samtalen.

Bolt og Mme Nielsen


Madame Nielsen in Mexico

9 – 16 October, Madame Nielsen was participating in Mexico City’s Zocalo International Book Fair, presenting her first novel in Spanish: El verano infinito.

Read the wonderful review in the important Spanish newspaper: El Periodico



Madame Nielsen in Paris and France

18 – 26 September, Madame Nielsen returned to her city of cities: Paris to promote the French translation of her novel The Endless summer – in French: l’Eté Infini, published by Editions Notabilia .

Read the spell-bound review in LIBERATION by author and Prix Médicis winner Mathieu Lindon




The Endless Summer on the Spanish, American, French and German markets

Madame Nielsen’s novel The Endless Summer is seducing the Spanish readers all over the Planet Earth:

In Spain & Latin America, the novel was published in April 2017 by Editorial Minúscula, Barcelona, translated by Blanca Ortiz Ostalé

In France, it was published August 24 2017 by Edition Notabilia, in a translation by Jean-Baptiste Coursaud

In the US, it will be published 13 February 2018 by Open Letter Books , translated by Lady Gaye Kynoch

In Germany, it will be published 8 March 2018 by Kiepenheuer & Witsch, in a translation by Hannes Langendörfer




28 March, Madame Nielsens new novel DET HØJESTE VÆSEN (The Supreme Being) has now been by published simultaneously in Denmark and Norway by Gyldendal Publishers and Pelikanen.



Read the 5-starred reviews:

Politiken (DK)

Morgenbladet (NO)

Fyens Stiftstidende (DK)

Jyllands-Posten (DK)

Listen to a dialogue between Madame Nielsen and the Norwegian professor of Literature Per Buvik


Salon Madame Nielsen on Tour de Europe: Winter lair in Auschwitz

Madame Nielsen is on a never-ending tour with her Salon – including pianist and wizard of musical toys Sailor Toldam – visiting capitals and major cities all over Europe, from Stockholm to Berlin, Krakow and Paris. In each city Madame choses a proper residence and invites the local guests to her bedroom, where they are treated with songs, poetry and dance. In each city, Madame invites a special guest – the most influential female being of the region – to discus the problems of gender and the state of our planet.

At the moment, Madame and her Sailor have gone into winter lair, of all places: in Auschwitz.


Previous salons:


April-June: Paris, Studio 116, Les Recollets


May-June: Copenhagen

17-19 September: Stavanger, Norway – Kapittel Festival

22-24 September: Oslo, Norway – Black Box Teater

13-15 October: Aarhus, Denmark – Aarhus Teater

17-18 October: Odense, Denmark – Odense Teater


23+24 January: Berlin, Deutsches Theater

29 January: Oslo, KHIO

30+31 August  2016: Stockholm – Bergman Festivalen – Dramaten

16+17 September 2016: Stavanger Kapittel Festival

15 November 2016: Katowice, Poland Ars Cameralis Festival


The Nielsen Sisters live in Odense

Thursday 10 November 20 hrs., The Nielsen Sisters played live in concert at Teater Momentum in Odense



Saint Nielsen nominated for Nordic Literature Prize

Saint Nielsen and Madam Karrebæk’s Da Gud var Dreng (When God was a Boy) was nominated for the Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize .

da gud var dreng - forside_72 - ny


The film about Nielsen & Das Beckwerk

NIELSEN, Cæcilie Østerby Sørensen’s film-in-3-parts about the work of Das Beckwerk, was premiered at the international documentary film festival CPH:DOX in November.



INVASIONEN – a border crossing novel

Thursday 31 March, Madame Nielsens enlightenment novel INVASIONEN (THE INVASION) was published (by Gyldendal Publishers), telling the tale of the long lost continent Europe in the year of 2015 where a new kind of humanity arrived.



Read some of the online REVIEWS & INTERVIEWS:

Berlingske Tidende – 5 stars

Jyllands-Posten – 5 stars

Morgenbladet – Norway


Sydsvenskan – Sweden

Information – Interview

Netudgaven – Interview


In September INVASIONEN was published in Norway by Pelikanen Publishers


More films on Youtube

The Nielsen Movement online-cinema has new films on the program:

THE NATIONAL BRAND, a tragic comedy about the famous storyteller H.C. Andersen/Nielsen’s claim to fame in Copenhagen, Berlin & New York

Watch also:

The Political Thrillers:

The Impossible Walk – documentary from Nielsens 2008-attempt to walk under The Flag of Friendship from to mountains between Iran and Afghanistan and down through the capital Kabul

Walking under a Banned Flag – documentary from Nielsens pre-revolution intervention into the dark matters of the Egyptian regime in November 2010 – an attempt to solve the new caricature crisis.

Colonizing Iran! (2006) – Nielsen & Altheimer staging the second Iranian Revolution

The Dramas:

The Language of Hope  (2009) – starring Olaf Johannesen as the medium of Barak Obama

The Transformer  (2014)

The Last European  (2005)

The Comedies:

Reumertprisen 2003 – in 2003, Nielsen was awarded a Reumert Prize for “best playwright of the year”. Nielsen was expected to show up and receive the prize live and direct in the TV-show from The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen. BUT: an alter ego showed up and took over the show.



The European Pilgrimages

Follow Madame Nielsen on her on-going pilgrimage through Europe (and beyond)!

Follow Madame ALIVE now in Tigres-vandringen crossing the red mountains of Aethiopia

Madame Nielsen is on a tour de Europe with her Salon. The arrival at each new city takes the form of a pilgrimage. Along the ways, Madame takes notes in her little white book and snap shots of herself and her surroundings with her very smart phone.

The European Pilgrimages are and will currently be published by Salon 55, so watch out!:


The Endless Summer – sold to Norway, Sweden, USA, France, Spain & Germany

Madame Nielsens heartbreaking novel, written in her studio in Paris Xéme, is now sold to Norway, Sweden, USA, France & Spain

Den endeløse sommer came out in Denmark August 2013 and had brilliant reviews – buy & read the real thing HERE:

Read the reviews:



Kristeligt Dagblad


Tidningen Kulturen (Sweden)

Svenska Dagbladet


Den Store Litteratyr


Tanker om Sprog

Dagsavisen – Norway

Sydsvenskan – Sweden

Expressen – Sweden



Music Video version 4 of 5: Behind-the-scenes

The Nielsen Sisters have revealed the charismatic behind-the-scenes version 4 of their blockbuster music video

Watch it here: Love & Peaces


The European Border Crossings

In mid-October, Madame Nielsen took the first step on a border crossing Odyssee:

Throughout October and November she walked all the way up through Europe, crossing the 7 borders from Greece in the south to The Land of DKay in the north.

And by the way she – by chance – followed the paths and constantly shifting ways of the wave of refugees:

From Greece into Macedonia into Serbia into Croatia into Slovenia into Austria into Germany into DKay

By the ways she wrote 7 big essays, which were currently published – one each week – in the newspapers Weekendavisen and Information.

And 31 March 2016 her border crossing novel INVASIONEN (THE INVASION) will come out.



World premiere at CPH-DOX: I gave my Body to The Revolution

The new film by The Nielsen Movement on CPH:DOX

8 and 10 November, the documentary film festival CPH:DOX dedicated an entire evening to the works of The Nielsen Movement and the movement’s ancestor Das Beckwerk:

Cæcilie Østerby Sørensen’s film-in-4-parts about Das Beckwerk


I gave my Body to The Revolution, the agent-thriller-movie about Nielsens attempt to donate his other body to the revolution, on Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, on a Holy Friday and – unforeseen – at the same time as 1 million furious Egyptians gathered on the square to support The Muslim Brotherhood.


The Nielsen Effect in Berlin

Nielsen has staged his version of the Clash of Religionizations at Deutsches Theater in Berlin.

Read the review HERE


When God was a Boy

Saint Nielsen

appears before the world only when the body temperature rises above 40 degrees Celsius. In his elevated presence he has access to the time before creation When God was a Boy. As a true Saint he wrote down his vision, a most holy book now illuminated by Madam Karrebæk.

Buy the Holy Book here: Høst & Søn.


The Nielsen Sisters’ Global Song Contest

Dear sisters all around the planet; join The Nielsen Sisters song fame & salvation contest HERE!






The Royal Release Concert: 6 June



June 6th., The Nielsen Sisters gave their millions of fans a Royal Release Concert in Copenhagen.



Salon Madame Nielsen in Copenhagen

In May, Madame Nielsen left her beloved Paris to open a salon in her bedroom at the harbour front of Copenhagen. In Salon Madame Nielsen, the chosen few were be received around Madame’s bed. Accompanied by her pianist, Sailor Toldam, she entertained the guests with ballads, poetry and discourse on the most emergent topics of Today. Each night a special female guest arrived to discuss the feminine future of our world with Madame.

Among the excellent women guests were: stage director Elisa Kragerup, author Suzanne Brøgger, critics & novelist Leonora Christina Skov, politician Özlem Cekic, trend old lady of Danish performance art Kirsten Justesen and bishop Tine Lindhardt.




The Market is no Place – The Royal Theatre

The Theatre of The Medium – part 5 – Copenhagen May-June 2015

Nielsen and stage director Elisa Kragerup has taken their “Theatre of The Medium” another step and another dimension further towards a new world order in Markedet (er ikke noget sted) / The Market is no Place; 

The end of market economy staged as a Wagner dystopia for the 21st century.

Read the reviews:







The Nielsen Sisters: Love & Peaces – new album out now!

22 April, the new The Nielsen Sisters album appeared on the planet as touchable matter – LP/vinyl, CD – and virtually as downloadable sound. The name of the darling is Love & Peaces.

“a disturbing album ( … ) the sweet music of the breakdown ( … ) a cabaret on the madness of humanity”

Read the review in Information

3 singles are out for free listening on Soundcloud




Nielsen in Germany – eine Deutschlandsreise

18 – 28 April, Nielsen – the author, playwright and metteur en scene of History – undertook a journey to universities and theaters throughout Germany; eine Frühlings-Deutschlandsreise:

20. April: Berlin – Deutsches Theater

21 April: Berlin – Humboldt Universität

22 April: Göttingen – Georg-August Universität

23 April: Frankfurt – Schauspiel Frankfurt

24 April: Frankfurt – Goethe Universität

27 April: Ludwigsburg – Akademie für Darstellende Kunst Baden-Württemberg


Nielsen as Distinguished visiting professor at University of Aarhus

Throughout February 2015, Nielsen was residing in the Danish provincial capital Aarhus as distinguished visiting professor at Centre for Fictionality Studies at Aarhus University.


Miss World in Ukraine – the movie on CPH:DOX

The movie about the Angel in Ukraine had it’s world premiere on the international documentary film festival CPH:DOX Thursday 6 November in Copenhagen


Nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize

“The winner of the Nordic Council Literature Prize was announced at the Nordic Council Prize Gala Wednesday 29 October 2014 in Stockholm.”

Claus Beck-Nielsen was among the nominated authors.


Book release in Sweden

23 October, the Nordich Council nominated Nielsen-novel was published in Swedish translation as “Mina möten med de verkliga författerna” by Kabusa Böcker; and the book has been praised by the Swedish critics.

Read the brillant reviews:


Helsingborg Dagblad



Mina möten med de verkliga författarna


The Transformer – the album of pure voice

Thursday 25 September Sister Nielsen & Mads Emil Nielsen launched their new album The Transformer; an album made almost only from (millions of) Sister Nielsen voices.

Buy the entire album for only 40 here


Nielsen & Miss World back in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Nielsen book

Всесвітня історія
21-го століття

is published by Meridian and in September Nielsen & Miss World was touring the huge country to promote the book with readings and concerts.

Ultimo September Father Nielsen and his Ukrainian angel left Kiev for an expedition into Eastern Ukraine.

Read Father Nielsens reports  in Politiken about the sufferings in Donetzk Oblast:

1. De forsvarsløse




Nielsen and Handke in Norway

Saturday 16 August Nielsen was in Grimstad to present his Claus Beck-Nielsen novel Mine møder med De Danske Forfattere and discuss the political and aesthetic pros and cons of the Austrian author Peter Handke.

Læs Nielsens dom over Handke i det norske tidsskrift Vagant.


Miss World in Ukraine

Miss World is the guardian angel of all the peoples in the World.

No matter where in the world there is a conflict, Miss World arrives to encourage the individuals and heal the fractures.

Throughout May and June, Miss World has travelled all over Ukraine – from Kiev along the border to Donbas to Kharkiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa in the south and Lviv in the West –  in her white dress, with her black guitar and her bright songs.

Miss World is singing to the Ukrainians about the Russians, and to the Russians about the Ukrainians.

And at the end of the song we will all just be human.

Follow Miss World – The Guardian Angel in Ukraine on her Angel’s WingBook

Read the 4 big features in Politiken:

1. En EUpæer i Ukraine

2. En engel på Maidan

3. Hvem af os er Europa?

4. Omfavnelsen er det bedste våben

Watch the 5 minutes video on Politiken tv



21 years after his death

In August 2012, Nielsen had a conversation with his grandfather 21 years after his death.

The conversation with the dead was broadcast by the Radio 24Syv

Please, listen!


The Transformer – a performance

CaféTeatret Copenhagen 13 March – 7 April 2014:

The new major performance by La Nielsen Transformatoren (The Transformer) took over CaféTeatret in Copenhagen; a performance of the being beyond age and gender; the new feminine selves of La Nielsen, travelling through the bodies, movements, images and voices of those who were before: Blixen, Bausch, Ofelia, Antigone, Medea, PJ, Michael(a) Jackson, female samurais, amazones, reptiles, birds and others of the millions of Others.

Watch THE VIDEO of the entire performance

Listen to the radioactive sound emissions:

Bad Antigone

Really Bad Antigone

Drømmer om et køn (Dreaming of a gender)

Michaels Last Song

Church of Ophelia

Interview & reviews:

Interview with La Nielsen

Politiken (DK) – review

Sydsvenskan (SE) – review

Teater 1 (DK) – review


The European Media in Hamburg & Berlin

The European Media on Kampnagel, Hamburg & HAU, Berlin – directed by Nielsen

In November-December 2013 Nielsen has been staging The European Media with German actors/mediums at Kampnagel in Hamburg, Germany. The production was subsequently shown at HAU in Berlin as part of the NordWind Festival.

Read the reviews

Watch the video-registration (Password: dasnielsen)


Nominated for the major Nordic Literature Prize – 2014

The Claus Beck-Nielsen-novel Mine Møder med De Danske Forfattere (My Encounters with The Danish Authors) has been nominated for the major Nordic Council Literature Prize.

Read the nomination statement in English here and in Danish here

Read more and buy the novel here




Kristeligt Dagblad

Den Store Litteratyr

Frederiksborg Amts Avis & Flensborg Avis

Berlingske Tidende

Vaka över ensamheten (Swedish blog)



I am fiction – the movie about the Trial now on TV

I am Fiction (Identitetstyveriet) – director Max Kestner’s movie about the High Court-trial Thomas Skade-Rasmussen versus Nielsen & Gyldendal Publishers, and the tragical consequences of the verdict – was shown on Danish television:

DR2, Tuesday 1. October 20:30 hrs.

watch the trailer on Youtube:


Sister Nielsen in Ukraine

3-11 September the oldest of The Nielsen Sisters was touring the Ukraine (Kiev, Czernowytz & Lviv) with solo concerts and poetry readings.

Here is a video-postcard produced by the national Ukrainian tv.

Поет без статі Nielsen запалить фестиваль Meridian Czernowitz (відео)



Angel Hypocrisy live at The Royal Theatre


The Nielsen Sisters on Roskilde Festival

4-7 July The Nielsen Sisters performed 4 concerts at Roskilde Festival



Sister Nielsen in Paris

The monthly “Salon 116” chez Madame Nielsen

The oldest of The Nielsen Sisters has moved to Paris,

and in her new home in the 10th arrondissement Sister Nielsen is holding a monthly “salon”, where she is receiving guests and treating them with music, dance and poetry reading.

The first three “salons” took place on

Friday 19 April, Thursday 16 May and Friday 14 June



The Nielsen Sisters touring Norway

In the last days of May, The Nielsen Sisters were touring Norway.




Museet for Samtidskunst /

Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde

1 February – 7 April 2013



The Nielsen Sisters on Youtube

Live at The Royal Theatre, Copenhagen


The Nielsen Sisters – We are Multitude

The Album – worldwide


On the threshold to winter and darkness the world has been saved by the sound of the debut album of The Nielsen Sisters: We are Multitude

Buy the album online here

And visit The Nielsen Sisters on Soundcloud  and Facebook


De Europæiske Medier – Odense Teater

Premiere 15. november kl. 19:30

Spilleperiode for De Europæiske Medier:

Odense Teater: 15. november – 1. december

Hippodromen, Folketeatret, København: 12.-15. december


Nielsen and Sisters in Ukraine 5-9 September

5-9 September Nielsen & Sisters performed at “Meridian Czernowitz – III International Poetry Festival” in the Ukranian city of Czernowitz. Visit the festival program

Read the interview in the Ukrainian weekly «День»


Store Satans Fald (Fall of The Great Satan) – a novel

Denmark & Norway

Torsdag 23. august udkom Nielsens nye roman Store Satans Fald simultant på Gyldendal i Danmark og på forlaget Oktober i Norge.

Romanen fik 5 stjerner og hjerter i Politiken, Berlingske Tidende og Jyllands Posten.

I Danmarks Radio sagde Klaus Rothstein “Den roman rummer nogle af de mest fascinerende og grænseoverskridende og uheldsvangre passager, jeg nogensinde har læst i en dansk roman.”

Og i Kristeligt Dagblad skrev Lars Handsten “en større litterær og kunstnerisk begivenhed, som fornyer litteraturens etiske, politiske og eksistentielle potentiale.”

Nielsen’s new novel Fall of the Great Satan was published 23 August by Gyldendal Publishers (Denmark) and Oktober (Norway)



The Nielsen Sisters – live on Youtube

4 hits from the album-pre-sentation concert in Copenhagen

Sunday 13 May The Nielsen Sisters presented the songs from the forthcoming album The Nielsen Sisters: We are Multitude

Watch also:

I want you

The Moment that You came to Me



The Resurrection Concert II

Attempt no. 2 – The Royal Theatre, Copenhagen

Friday 27 April Saint Nielsen made his second attempt on a full and real resurrection. A reenactment of his first attempt on 22 January. He was once again assisted by his Banned Band.



De Europæiske Medier / The European Media

World Premiere at Det Kongelige Teater / The Royal Theatre, Copenhagen, Thursday 26. April

Script by Nielsen

Directed by Elisa Kragerup

Read more


Agent Nielsen in Cairo

The Supposed Statue of the Prophet Mohammad

– a parallel history of Egypt – Act 3 –

Sunday 8 April Agent Nielsen returned to Cairo to make the third and final attempt to free the plaster copy of Claus Beck-Nielsens body. In September 2010 the effigy was shipped to Cairo as a representative of the universal state citizen to have it’s death bed and burial in the City of the Dead. At the arrival in Cairo Airport it was seized by the Egyptian Intelligence Service, who suspected it of being a statue of the Prophet Mohammad. A few weeks later Agent Nielsen arrived and made his first attempt to free the statue, but he too ended up in the hands of the Egyptian Security Service. This may have been the beginning of the Egyptian Revolution, which culminated a month later in January 2011. Since then – for almost 1½ years – the statue has been considered lost in the post-revolutionary turmoil. But in March 2012 the Danish Embassy in Cairo reported that a private Egyptian individual, a Mr. Eng. Hazem had put it on sale for 5000 Egyptian Pounds. According to himself he had bought it from the Customs (a.k.a. the Security Service?). This final mission of Agent Nielsen was to redeem the statue and – on Friday 13 April after the morning prayer  to let six Egyptian revolutionaries carry the statue through the streets of Cairo to Tahrir Square and finally “bury” it in the hands of The People and the Revolution.


Tuesday 10 April

The statue tracked down in a warehouse in Giza, home of the Pharaos:



Friday 13 April – Mission completed!

The Body as a sign: White Man’s Metamorphoses

the transformation from the ideal world citizen through Mohammad caricature, black market commodity, Jesus figurine, hostage, freed and finally a gift to the People, who immediately transforms the ideal man into the Evil himself: Omar Suleiman:



Selvmordets svære kunst

The Difficult Art of Suicide – an essay

Dagbladet Information Friday 16 March


The Resurrection Concert I

The Inevitable and Impossible Return of Saint Nielsen the Banned

Attempt no. 1 – at Cafe Teatret, Copenhagen



Naming the Nameless

The Beginning of a New Era

 – Nikolaj Contemporary Arts Center, Day 1, Year 1 –

Watch the Event

Læs reportagen i Information