Das Beckwerk 2002-11



According to Wikipedia (translated by Google) Das Beckwerk was a company established in 2002 for the “management and continuation [of] Claus Beck-Nielsen’s Life & Work.”


According to Das Beckwerk’s own homepage the purpose and mission was far more idealistic:


“Das Beckwerk is a transnational enterprise, which has the globalised world-stage as its target and audience. Through the staging of world politics, public spaces and media Das Beckwerk attempts to create an active connection between the individual world citizen and contemporary world history. Thus Das Beckwerk creates stories concerning the hopeless, but necessary, attempt to intervene daily in world history. These stories take the form of walks, serial photography, video sequences, novels, performances, operas, installations, revolutions and other historical events. Stories about the common man and his heroic attempt to influence the creation of world history.”


According to Wikipedia Das Beckwerk still exists:


“The company had in the period 2002-06 is housed in puddings, but moved first July 2006 to central Copenhagen. The company produces fiction, one-man shows, photographs, installations, political activities, concerts, video art, web activities and more.”


But according to the homepage of Das Beckwerk Museum – an institution that claims to govern the “living archive” of Das Beckwerk – the company was closed down in 2011:


“The production of Das Beckwerk culminated in 2010 with Funus Imaginarium – the Death of Identity and the State Citizen, a global event having its centre in Copenhagen with the deathbed and burial of the Danish state citizen Claus Beck-Nielsen, and satellites worldwide in Cairo, Bejing and Herning.
On 17th January 2011 – at the end of the 100 days of mourning following the burial of Claus Beck-Nielsen, identity and the state citizen – the board of directors announced the closure of Das Beckwerk.”


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