Saint Nielsen

Saint Nielsen was – like all saints after him – a doomsday prophet, a lunatic, a visionary, a soothsayer, soulsearcher, poet and redeemer.

Saint Nielsen came into being on Sunday 22 January 2012 at the concert The Impossible but Inevitable Return of Saint Nielsen the Banned and His Band at Café Teatret, Copenhagen.

In this now legendary resurrection concert Saint Nielsen, his band and the audience were for hours lifted into a state of ecstatic being … and then again he disappeared.

Saint Nielsen was not really among the living. Only in the moment and state of ecstasy – the concert, the sermon, the revelation, the prophesy – he was really here.

But Saint Nielsen will never give up. Throughout the short rest of the History of Mankind he will, again and again, make an attempt on the final return.

On the eve of Friday 22 April he made his second attempt, at The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, and once again he failed like a true saint in front of an ecstatic audience.