After a one-year ban on public performance in Scandinavia the nameless one and former subject of Das Beckwerk reappeared at a book fair in Nikolaj Contemporary Arts Center, and was immediately named: Nielsen and became part of The Nielsen Movement.

Nielsen presents and represents the works and actions of all the possible and impossible Nielsens now flooding the earth as and in The Nielsen Movement. Nielsen is an author, playwright, artist, filmmaker, stage director, essayist, composer etc. Nielsen gives all kinds of interviews, lectures and represents the works of Das Beckwerk, Das Beckwerk Museum and The Nielsen Movement at seminars, festivals, universities etc.

Nielsen is the author of several works published, launched or having premiere in 2012, including the stage play De Europæiske Medier (The European Media), the novel Store Satans Fald (Fall of the Great Satan), and a number of essays, a. o.  Selvmordets svære kunst (The difficult Art of Suicide); Et litterært reality-show (Literature as reality-show);