Agent Nielsen

Agent Nielsen was the sole survivor of the now closed down enterprise Das Beckwerk.

At the moment of closure, Agent Nielsen was far out in the colonies, beyond reach, and thus escaped extinction.

Agent Nielsen left Europe just after the turn of the new millennium and has since then looked up revolutions, states of exception and unsettling areas across the globe.

Nielsen is or was the 21 century reporter, the media as agent, the fly, that once and for all had left its place on the wall and had flown into the event center to write history.

As the world after 11 September 2001 was also Nielsen a mixture of reality and fiction: a human of skin and bones, and at the same time a novel character, who appear in the Beckwerk novels The Suicide Mission (2005), The Sovereign (2008) and in the forthcoming novel by Nielsen Store Satans Fald (Fall of The Great Satan).

Agent Nielsen is the author of several reports and newspaper features and above all the book Nielsens Verdenshistorie (Nielsen’s World History) (2011).

Agent Nielsen left Europe in 2003 and has never returned, and never will.

In the aftermath of his third and final intervention into the History of Egypt in April 2012, he may have dissappeared for good – according to certain conspiracy theories, and signs like this:










But others again claim to have seen him as her: a violent violet world invader version of the most distinguished Madame Nielsen, which could be the reason for the lightly violet posts, which sometimes appear in the Calendar. And this:


The Agent Nielsen Timeline 2003-2012

2003-2004: Introducing The Democracy in Iraq

Nielsen and his colleague and best fiend Rasmussen leaves Europe for good to introduce The Democracy in all corners of the globe, starting of in Iraq.

Autumn 2004: Re-democratizing the US

2005-06: Mission Iran (Washington D.C., Therangeles, Hong Kong, Dubai, Iran)

An attempt to start the second and final revolution in Iran.


2008: Nielsen in Afghanistan

The Nielsen Diaries: Afghanistan 2008






2010-12: Nielsen in Egypt: The New Muhammad Caricature Crisis – a parallel Historyof Egypt 2010-12

Part I – November 2010:

The Nielsen Diaries: Egypt 2010

Part II – April 2011:











Part III – April 2012: